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Geelong Dental Hygiene

Importance of Oral Health

At Geelong Dental Clinic, dental hygienists play a critical role in patient care. These highly skilled, experienced members of our dental are team work in conjunction with our dentists to provide the type of comprehensive, fully integrated dental care our patients expect.

Prevention and treatment of gum disease are what our dental hygienists specialise in. Other duties include teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar removal, and anti-staining procedures – all of which result in your having a brighter, healthier smile.

Optimal Dental Health

Dental hygienists minimise your need for expensive dental treatment. By teaching people about oral health and ways to prevent dental disease, dental hygienists help adults and children keep their teeth healthy and strong.

At Geelong Dental Clinic, dental hygienists can assist you with:

  • Eliminating bacteria and maintaining tooth structure
  • Deterring tooth decay with sealants
  • Providing fluoride supplements for healthier teeth
  • Conducting routine oral cancer screenings
  • Providing regular check-ups and professional cleanings
  • Periodontal assessments

Left untreated, or undiagnosed, gum disease can lead to lots of other health issues, including increased risk of heart disease and stroke. So the services of dental hygienists actually play a big role in your overall health.


Making an Appointment with Geelong Dental Clinic

Contact our dental clinic by phone or book an appointment online today to discuss dental hygiene and oral care. Please call 1300 657 033 to schedule an appointment at the Geelong Dental Clinic.

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