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Tooth Extractions

People often fear getting a tooth extraction when going to the dentist. However, a tooth extraction is the last resort of any dentist. In truth a dentist’s job is to save your teeth this is why they do procedures like root canals and regular gum cleaning. If, after examination, or a procedure, it is determined that your tooth can’t be saved, it will need to be extracted.

Why Extract Teeth?

Extracting a tooth is necessary for the health of your mouth. A damaged tooth can affect other teeth. An infection can spread into the gums, other teeth and other parts of the mouth. A dentist removes a tooth so that the rest of your teeth can remain healthy.

How a Dentist Extracts Your Tooth

The dentist will use local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. You will not feel any pain. You may feel pressure and hear noises, but physically you will not feel anything. The purpose of the anesthetic is to deaden the nerves in and around the area so that you don’t feel discomfort.

Next, the dentist will widen the area around your tooth using a special tool. Once it is wide enough he will use another tool to wiggle the tooth back and forth until it’s free. Then he will pull it out. You may require stitches after you get your tooth pulled, but most patients don’t require them.

After Your Tooth Is Extracted

After the extraction your dentist will give you special instructions to follow to make sure that your mouth heals properly. You need to follow these instructions so that you won’t have any further problems from your mouth.

You may also be prescribed some medication, like antibiotics and pain medication. If you are you need to take them as directed.

You can go back to your normal oral hygiene routine. The first few days you may want to avoid brushing or flossing around that area, because it will be sore and tender. You may also want to rinse with warm salt water, as it helps with the healing process. If you have stitches, you will have to go back to the dentist to get them removed.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

If you need to have your extracted teeth replaced, your dentist can provide you with a dental implant. This implant is inserted into your mouth using metal screws that are implanted into your jawbone. The procedure is safe, and lasts for many years.

If you have any further questions about tooth extractions please call our friendly team at Geelong Dentist Clinic on 1300 657 033.

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