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Emergency Dentists in Geelong

When you have a dental emergency, you need dental care fast. That’s why Geelong Dentist Clinic is open 6 days a week to provide the urgent treatment you require. With early morning and late evening appointments specifically for our patients seeking a emergency dental appointment.

Every day, we have emergency appointment spot set aside for unexpected circumstances. Just try to call us as early as possible so you can secure one of these same day emergency appointments.

As in any urgent emergency situation, getting the help you need right away is absolutely critical. Delaying your treatment can cause further injury or more intense pain. And nobody wants that!

Dental Emergency Types

Your teeth can become suddenly injured due to an accident on the job, on the sporting field, or anywhere. In some cases, something as simple as a toothache, lost filling or a broken tooth also can be considered a dental emergency, especially if they are causing you a lot of pain.

At Geelong Dental Clinic, we provide emergency dental services 6 days a week, including:

  • Treatment for broken or damaged teeth due to trauma
  • Painful toothaches
  • Dangerous abscesses
  • Swollen cheeks or gums
  • Lost fillings
  • Swollen or painful wisdom teeth
  • Lost crowns or bridges

Dental Emergencies Treatments

If you are ever faced with a dental emergency, you need to rush to your local dentist’s office immediately. In the meantime, follow these home remedies to keep your dental emergency under control.

Broken, Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water so that the chances of an infection are minimal. Wrap a small, soft piece of cloth or towel around some ice and place it on the affected area. Wash any broken or chipped pieces with warm water and bring them with you to the clinic.

Lost Filling or Crown

Wrap an ice-cube in a soft towel/cloth piece and apply it in place of the missing filling or crown. If you are able to find the missing filling/crown, rinse it with warm water, and bring it along with you in a sealed bag to the dental clinic as soon as possible. You can use tooth wax to fill in the gap temporarily but make sure no other household adhesive is used for this purpose.

Possible Broken Jaw

If you believe that you have either dislocated or broken your jaw, get to a dental clinic or emergency department at your local hospital immediately. On the way, you are recommended to wrap an ice-pack in a soft towel/cloth and rest it on your jaw to control the swelling.

Debris or Other Objects between Teeth

If you accidentally get something stuck between your teeth, try removing it with a dental floss only. If you do not succeed, report to the dentist at the earliest.

Caution: Never use a pin or sharp object to remove food debris or small objects lodged between your teeth. Doing so might leave cuts around your gums, causing inflammation and even an infection, as well as scratches on your tooth surface.


Abscesses are infections that occur near tooth roots or in the spaces between teeth and gums. If not treated in time, these can spread and harm perfectly healthy teeth. This is a serious condition which should be reported immediately to the dentist. A sure symptom of an abscess is a painful pimple-like swelling on your gum. Rinse your mouth multiple times with a warm salt water solution to temporarily relieve pain and allow excess pus to be squeezed to the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Emergencies

What Painkiller Should I Take?

For mild to extreme toothaches related to abscess, gum inflammation or tooth decay, taking over-the-counter painkillers such as Panadol and Nurofen will give you almost immediate but temporary relief. Also, gargle with warm salt water, brush thoroughly and regularly, to get rid of food particles that may be causing unnecessary pain and/or discomfort.

Caution: Do not take aspirin in any dental emergency as it thins the blood which can lead to excessive bleeding.

What to do if My Child’s “Milk Tooth” is Knocked Out?

Please report to a qualified expert paediatric or emergency dentist in such situations. Kindly note that baby/milk teeth are never replanted because they are still in the developmental stage.

Tips to Prevent Dental Accidents

Each year we see hundreds of dental emergencies at our Geelong Dentist Clinic, most of these could easily have been avoided by following these basic tips:

  • Always wear a mouth guard while playing contact sports.
  • Avoid chewing “stubborn” foods such as ice, hard candy, etc.
  • Never try to tear off bottle caps or other objects using your teeth; use a pair of scissors instead.

At Geelong Dentist Clinic, our goal is to treat every patient suffering from a dental emergency deserves on the same day whenever possible. That’s why we’re open 6 days a week with extended clinic hours.

The Same Friendly, Professional Dental Care You Expect

Our dental staff is always very friendly, understanding and gentle, even in emergencies. At Geelong Dental Clinic, we provide you with emergency dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment for your peace of mind and relaxation. We don’t want you to suffer in pain.

Our professional dental experts are always ready to provide the emergency treatment you need whenever you need it. At the first sign of pain or discomfort, contact Geelong Dentist Clinic at 1300 657 033 to schedule an emergency dentist appointment.

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