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Dental Flossing

Learn how to Floss

Oral health is very important to your overall health. Research has shown that people with gum disease heighten the risk for having heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

This is why it’s so important for you to make regular visits to your dentist. Your dental hygienist is specially educated to teach you about the importance of oral health. They can help you with many problems, including:

  • Showing you how to clean and brush your teeth
  • Helping you with snoring
  • Screenings for gum disease and oral cancer
  • Cleanings and checkups
  • Treating and restoring damaged teeth

People of any age can benefit from a visit to the dentist. In fact, it’s better for children to learn good dental hygiene while they are young, so that they can form good habits that can help them when they are older.

Adults can benefit too. It’s never too late to start a good habit. Make an appointment with a dentist or a dental hygienist today.

Dental Flossing Video

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss dental flossing and hygiene please call Geelong Dentist Clinic on 1300 657 033.

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