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Cosmetic Dentist Geelong

Cosmetic Dentist in Geelong

Over the past several years the have been major advances with Cosmetic dentistry, patients no longer need to have gaps, chipped teeth or stained and discoloured teeth. Many of our clients are delighted with our latest cosmetic surgery.

Due to the skill and experience required with cosmetic dentistry it is essential that you carefully choose a dentist who has the correct background. Our dentists Dr Ross Abraham and Dr Kate Lindsay have both undergone years of university training and continued dental seminars to stay up-to date with the latest techniques.

Teeth Whitening

Many of our patients who undergo teeth whitening do so due to the stains caused from smoking, soft drinks, coffee and red wine. As a result, over the years this has caused minor staining on their teeth. In some case even medication such as antibiotics can cause the teeth to have a more serious staining. The good news is that teeth whitening is very safe and our take home kits have had wonderful results for many of our patients.

Teeth whitening is a very simple and safe dental procedure. At Geelong Dentist Clinic we prefer to use a take home teeth whitening kit as these have been proven to me more successful in removing stains and the results are far more long lasting when compared to in-chair teeth whitening. Our dentists will prepare a custom mouthguard on your first visit, which will allow you to apply the teeth whitening gel. You should wear this mouth guard for 30 minutes each night and not drink or eat any foods until the next morning. After a fortnight, the active ingredients of the teeth whitening gel would have broken down the stains and will now have a brilliant white teeth, just like a Hollywood movie star.

Dental Crowns

If you require a crown, typically this can be done in two or three visits to the dental clinic. Firstly, your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and this is sent to the company, which will design and create your dental crown. It is critical that the mould is taken so when the crown is placed it does not cause any issue with your bite or misalign with your other teeth. It typically takes a week or two for the dental crown to be created, therefore during this time the dentist will crate a temporary crown until you come back and have the permanent crown fitted. Depending on your need the dentists has a number of options to create your crown, this could be porcelain or if required a metal fused to porcelain giving extra strength and durability if you grind your teeth at night. Once the lab has created your crown you will have your final appointment where the dentist will glue your new crown with extremely strong glue. If taken care and good dental habits a crown can last 15 years.

Dental Bridges

Many of our patients do not enjoy wearing dentures as the can be uncomfortable and food can irritate the gums if they are not well fitted. In these circumstances, your dentist may suggest a dental bridge. As the name suggest a bridge is simply a crown which is held in place on two other natural teeth and anchored in using metal. In most cases, people would not be able to see that you have a dental bridge and looks and behaves as natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Implants have become very popular over the past several years and as a result the price for dental implant have come down allowing it to become a common dental procedure. Unlike a crown, denture or bridge a dental implant is permanent solution to missing, damaged or misaligned teeth. A dental implant is more complex and begins with a rod screwed into the jawbone. Once this heals a dental crown made out of porcelain is attached to the rod.

Dental Veneer

If you only require a small chip or would like to have straight teeth without the expensive and more complex procedures such as dental implants or crowns a veneer offers excellent results. A veneer is simply a thin slice, which is placed over your natural teeth and is perfect for patients with gaps, cracked or chipped teeth or major discolouring.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss Cosmetic Dentistry please request an appointment using our online form. You can also call 1300 657 033 to schedule an appointment at the Geelong Dentist Clinic.

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